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Hier mal die Infos zum Safe :

Owner lockable storage with a random 4 digit combination given to you when you first place it. So make sure to write it down!

It can't be destroyed.

They can not be purchased if your humanity is below -2000.

Safes are locked after a server restart.

Safes can be packed after a restart and as many times as you would like.

MaxMagazines = 200

MaxWeapons = 20

MaxBackpacks = 10

You can only purchase safes from traders that sell building supplies.

Safes cost Twelve 10oz Gold bars
Safes can be placed anywhere in the world including inside buildings.

Use Options

Place "Put down safe in front of you"
Unlock Safe - This option will show if the safe is locked, you will need to enter a 4 digit combination to unlock.
Gear - Access the gear in the safe.
Cargo Check - Check how many slots are in the safe, Magazine, Weapons, and Backpacks.
Lock Safe - Will allow you to lock the safe. If you already put in the 4 digit combination to open it, it will lock it without you having to put it in again. If you friend opened the safe, then you will have to put in the 4 digit combination to lock it.
Pack Safe - "Pack up safe so you can move it to a new location" PLEASE NOTE If you pack a safe with items in it they will spill out on the ground.
Take "Take the safe after packing it"


10oz Gold = 100 Goldbaren ... vllt doch lieber ein abschlie├čbares Auto zu dem jeder ein Schl├╝ssel bekommt ?
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